So the Children Can Smile Again

For more than 60 years, the doors of Caritas Baby Hospital have been open to every child. The work of doctors and nurses is supported by the faithful donors of Children’s Relief Bethlehem.

Caritas Baby Hospital is central to the mission of Children’s Relief Bethlehem. Yet even the founder, Father Ernst Schnydrig, took care – in addition to the work in Bethlehem – to maintain contact to other project partners. He understood that need does not stop at Bethlehem’s city limits, and that joint efforts can successfully promote social infrastructures. In this way, it is possible to mount effective catastrophe relief when the need arises.

Children’s Relief Bethlehem supports projects: 

  • in occupied Palestine
  • in Israel
  • in Lebanon
  • in Jordan
  • in Egypt
  • in Syria
  • in Iraq

Aid to children, mothers and their families is the constant focus. This also applies to all project support given in the context of catastrophe relief. As an example, Children’s Relief Bethlehem is currently helping to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Project Support Examples, 2014

  • Lifegate, occupied Palestine: medical rehabilitation of handicapped children and young People
  • PMP Jerusalem, Israel: Help for Gaza (medical care for disabled People injured in the war)
  • Jaffa Institute, Israel: financial participation in measures for the schooling and social integration of migrant-worker children in Jaffa
  • Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre, Lebanon: support program for Palestinean children and youth in the Dbayeh refugee camp
  • Assiut Burns Program, Egypt: treatment and rehabilitation of young victims of household fires, as well as their prevention
  • CAPNI - Christian Aid Program Nohadra, Iraq: Humanitarian aid for Syrian internally displaced persons in the Khabour region