„These pills save lives”

The cases filled with essential medicines for patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) have arrived in Gaza sooner than expected. “We are so grateful that Children’s Relief Bethlehem started this emergency intervention,” says Dr. Mohammed El-Habil, the Head of Clinic Pharmacy of Dr. Rantisi Hospital in the Gaza City.

“These enzyme pills are absolutely essential for the treatment of our patients, moreover, they save lives,” as the graduated pharmacist explains. These drugs help the children to be able to have a normal diet, despite illness-related, severe digestive problems. 70 cases of cystic fibrosis are registered in the Dr. Rantisi Hospital where Dr. El-Habil works. The World Health Organization WHO believes that throughout the Gaza Strip there are over 300 cases of CF, almost all of which are children.

Ashraf Al-Shanti also very much welcomed the humanitarian action of Children’s Relief Bethlehem. He is the Head of the Center for cystic fibrosis in Gaza. This organization is the first point of contact in the Gaza Strip when a child is diagnosed with this hereditary disease. Al-Shanti, who himself has two children suffering from CF, contacted the media to call attention to the lack of supply with essential medicines. “I am very happy that Children’s Relief Bethlehem heard our call for help and are providing help for children with cystic fibrosis in the Gaza Strip.”

The distribution of the medicines has already begun, which in the context of the emergency aid project of Children’s Relief Bethlehem are being transported from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. The dispensing of the medicines is strictly monitored by the WHO, making sure that everybody suffering from this hereditary disease gets enzyme pills.