New treatment methods

The Caritas Baby Hospital conducted an interdisciplinary training on Botolinumtoxin, or better known as Botox, and its use on young patients who suffer from spasticity.

It has been known to play an important role in the treatment of children with neurological abnormalities. Dr. Reinhard Keimer, a retired, German child neurologist, once demonstrated at the Caritas Baby Hospital how the neurotoxin is to be injected in order to improve movement in sick children. Apart from the entire staff of the Caritas Baby Hospital, doctors from other hospitals in Palestine also participated in this training. “It is impossible to heal the spasticity in these children, but by treating them with Botolinumtoxin we can improve their motion sequences and add to the quality of life in the long run”, as stated by Dr. Keimer. Best effects are shown when the medication is taken regularly, i.e. every three to four months. “We hope that this internationally approved treatment method also in Palestine soon becomes a standard therapy method for children with cerebral palsy.” This seminar at the Caritas Baby Hospital was certainly an important step in that direction.