Medical emergency aid for Gaza: Children’s Relief Bethlehem sends medications for children to Gaza

Urgently needed medication is currently not available in the Gaza Strip in sufficient quantity. Therefore, Children’s Relief Bethlehem has decided to send medicines for children to Gaza. The campaign is supervised by the World Health Organization WHO.

The World Health Organization WHO has sounded a warning: the medical primary health care in the Gaza Strip is under threat. About one third of basic medication is no longer available in sufficient quantity. The ones affected are the 321 patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). It is almost exclusively children who suffer from this life threatening metabolic disease.

This is why Children’s Relief Bethlehem has decided to send a monthly ration of medication for the treatment of CF patients in the Gaza Strip as part of its emergency aid. The relief effort will be implemented together with the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem. The Caritas Baby Hospital is specialised in the treatment of children suffering from cystic fibrosis and is the first place of contact in the West Bank for patients with this disease.

The distribution of the medications in the Gaza Strip is coordinated and supervised by the World Health Organization WHO. “Thanks to this cooperation we are able to deliver aid quickly, we can strengthen our local partners and guarantee a successful execution of the aid,” says Sybille Oetliker, Managing Director of Children’s Relief Bethlehem in Lucerne.

President of Children’s Relief Bethlehem, Sibylle Hardegger, is satisfied with the campaign: “We defend the rights of all children to access medical assistance. I am very pleased and proud that we are able to realise this emergency aid. We from Children’s Relief Bethlehem are here when children are in need.”